When Magic Throws a Curveball

Fantasy / Sports / Drama

A magic feather that doubles your bases—and triples your trouble!

When Magic Throws a Curveball cover
ou can never trust birds at the beach. They raid picnics, ruin windshields, and steal cameras right out of your hands. They also get your baseball team in trouble. That’s because they’ll show you how to cheat, if you give ‘em a chance.

Eleven-year-old Max Wolfglenn dreams of winning big and stealing more bases than anyone else. Hard to do, when you’re stuck on the worst team in the youth league, and your ex-friend Freddie Fox runs quicker than a fastball.

But magic is about to throw a curveball. A seabird has a plan for Max to rule the league and shut out Freddie for good. His new superpower brings him more glory than he ever expected. Maybe bigger problems, too. Cheating can bring out the worst in a guy...

*  *  *

When Magic Throws a Curveball takes one of today’s hottest topics—cheating in sports—and connects it to classic folklore. The result: an all-star story full of fantasy, hard-hitting baseball action, and a deep look at sportsmanship that rocks the whole stadium and beyond.

It’s the only baseball novel that features a hunt for a pirate’s buried treasure. It’s the only novel where seabirds turn into people, foxes play you in tug-of-war, and Arctic ground squirrels do handstands up in trees. (Actually, it’s the only novel with Arctic ground squirrels, period.)

Can bad boy Max make good? Maybe he will...in ways he never imagined. He just might find a treasure even greater than golden coins and trophies.

*  *  *
Categories: Fantasy / Sports / Drama
Age Group: Ages 9-12
Length: Novel (380 pages, plus front & back matter).

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