Find out in LeVar Ravel's book
of suspense, drama, and fantasy.

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They know he's the best assassin.

They know he never fails.

But nobody can tell how he gets away with it...

U.S. Congressman Corbin Locke enjoys a corrupt relationship with Boston mobster Charles Orangegrave—and another, more secret one with Charles’s wife Gwen. Yet Corbin’s devotion proves hollow. On the same day he dumps Gwen, the mob discovers he’s betrayed them. The scorned woman puts up no protest when Charles decrees death for the politician.

Enter a nameless hitman whose youthfulness and aggressive cheer contradict his long, flawless career of murders made to look like suicides.

But as Gwen’s feelings grow confused and conflicted, she seeks another solution. Risking the ire of both mob and assassin, her search will confront her with what she lost in the past, and who she might save in the future. She must fight for a man’s life—and perhaps hers, too—while evading the grim reapers who roam Boston.

Little does Gwen know how much she
ll discover about the dark magic behind the hitmans talent for murder. How Does He Do It? Its a question the criminal underworlds been asking for years. If you like the intelligent thrillers of authors and filmmakers like Graham Greene, Ruth Rendell, and Alfred Hitchcock, join Gwen to find the answer.

* * *
Categories: Drama / Fantasy / Suspense
Reading audience: General. (Mild violence; violent subject matter.)

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