Fantasy/Sci-Fi Stories

When Magic Throws a Curveball inset by LeVar Ravel
Here's a master index of my fantasy/sci-fi stories. Ghosts, time travel, fantastic devices
…you'll find all these and more right here.

Listed first are stories for general audiences, then stories aimed at older readers.

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Sci-Fi / Suspense

A man spying on a rising political star discovers how easy politics are—if you can time travel.

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Marzipan's Secret Gallery

Short Story
Suspense / Fantasy

The tour of a wealthy art patron’s private gallery unearths what ruthless, criminal steps collectors may take.

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Literary Drama / Suspense / Fantasy

Killjoy by LeVar Ravel

A mobster's wife goes up against a top assassin with a dark secret behind his success.

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The Peculiar Duty of Robert Butler

Short Novel
Literary Drama / Fantasy

Is it true that a dead theatre critic still haunts his ancestral home? His best friend explains all.

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Big Brother

Short Novel
Literary Drama / Sci-Fi

Investigating a mysterious tragedy, a rising intelligence agent discovers the full extent of his agency’s dangerous power and philosophy.

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Man's Worst Friend

Short Novel
Literary Drama / Fantasy

Man's Worst Friend by Summerlee & Ravel

Unimaginable evil is unleashed when a social worker discovers the truth behind her friend's gentle-looking dog.

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