Literary Drama / Suspense / Fantasy

She’s the death of any party.
He’s the death of anyone he’s paid to kill.

Killjoy by LeVar Ravel

A woman of plain living, Gwen Orangegrave would rather balance budgets all day than enjoy life. Maybe you can’t help being a killjoy, when you work for the biggest mob in Boston and you’re married to the boss, a man even stricter than you.

Corbin Locke, the mob’s man in Congress, shows Gwen a new life and reignites old feelings—until he throws her over and cheats the mob all in one day. To get their revenge on him, the mob hires only the best: a nameless hitman so young and cheerful, you’d never know he’s the master of faking suicides.

As the woman scorned, Gwen goes along at first. But when doubts come, she seeks another solution. Risking the wrath of both mob and assassin, her search will confront her with what she lost in the past, and who she might save in the future. She must fight for a man’s life—and perhaps hers, too—while evading the grim reapers who roam Boston.

Little does Gwen know how deep her quest will take her into the hitman’s world of dark magic. Killjoy or not, can she prove any match for the best killer in the world?

* * * * *

Previously published as How Does He Do It?

* * * * *

"A short, but enjoyable read akin to an extended Twilight Zone episode."
-- Liquid Frost, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

"Enter the killer: a man with a Puck-ish sense of fun; a damaged esthete; a dog-lover and a truly great fictional creation. There is so much ENERGY that he brings to this book that the cover is exactly to the point. Highly recommended!"
-- James Ellsworth, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

"I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense with a hint of darkness."
-- Leigh Holland, Leigh Holland Writes book blog

"While I enjoyed all of the novel, I think the ending was my favorite part. Through all the tumult endured, it had a powerful message that will hit the reader hard."
-- Loretta Lynn, Books Reviews Anonymous book blog

* * * * *
Categories: Literary Drama / Suspense / Fantasy
Reading audience: General. (Mild violence.)
Length: 178 pages

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