Bird Blind

Short Novel
Literary Drama

She sees everything. But does she know everything?

For a seventeen-year-old, Connie Bleibner has great writing talent, love for birds, and eyes for detail. Whether she has morals, judgement, and social sense to match is doubtful. When she meets her new neighbors, she starts an intimate relationship—a one-way deal, conducted through binoculars held at her bedroom window. Fellow high schooler Raymond Bird, angelic in both appearance and his care of the wild backyard birds, particularly receives her tender surveillance.

Ironically, spying from a distance brings Connie closer to her neighbors than anyone knows—yet as Connie dives deeper and deeper into the hidden turmoil of their private lives, we may learn that sometimes, the more we can see, the more we see only what we want to.

*  *  *
Category: Drama
Reading audience: Adults and teens. (Moderate violence; mature drama.)
Length: Short Novel (45 pages).

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