Evita Dominguez Protests the Rumors About Her & Zanny Standley

Short Story
Comedy / Literary Drama

Love between the lines

The 8th grade gossips are claiming the impossible: alpha girl and star athlete Evita Dominguez actually loves nerdy Zanny Standley!

To protest these school rumors, Evita takes to her diary. Its pages vibrate with the brash voice of a queen bee who knows how talented and powerful she is—but maybe not how she really feels.

Zanny's lack of social status can't hide his own talents, and his smart sense of humor. Evita seems to notice them. And admire them? Her denials sound less and less convincing. Then there's what she did to Zanny in the park, which really got everyone buzzing…

Between the lines, the truth starts to form. There's more to Evita than she lets on. But 8th grade can be a ruthless place, where it's hard to do and say what you really want to—and where even mean girls might live in fear.

*  *  *
Categories: Comedy / Drama
Age group: Teen / YA
Length: Short Story (10 pages).

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