About the Authors

About LeVar Ravel

LeVar Ravel

I'm an Irish and American author who specializes in fantasy fiction. I also write in other genres like sci-fi, literary drama, and psychological suspense. From fantasy to realism, from comedy to drama, from the cheery to the challenging, and everywhere in between, all my tales share one goal in common: to tell you an entertaining story with writing you can sink your teeth into.

By myself, I write for general audiences. A talented team of co-authors helps me write stories for specific age groups: children's novelist L.L. Keets, teen/YA author Clark Hill, and Sam Summerlee, who writes for older readers.

I earned a Certificate in Creative Writing from New York University.

About Clark Hill

Clark Hill

Like a teenager, Clark Hill comes from a group of individuals that society has often unfairly mistrusted and misjudged. As such, it is fitting and appropriate that he writes teen/YA fiction with LeVar Ravel.

Rescued from entering a life of violence as a youngster, Hill reached his full potential and proved himself to be a charming figure who cares deeply for people's welfare.

About Sam Summerlee

Sam Summerlee

Sam Summerlee writes stories for older readers with LeVar Ravel.

The empty bag you thought had one chip left.

The sun that shines too low for your visor to block.

The ink that turns white lies to black.

Bubble gum when the flavor's gone.

Exposer of myths. Prophet of profane truths. Kernel of doubt in your wishful thinking.

These are Sam Summerlee.

About L.L. Keets

L.L. Keets

L.L. Keets writes children's books with LeVar Ravel.

Most people believe L.L. Keets is simply a pen name that Ravel uses. There are whispers, however, that Keets is the true power behind Ravel's literary empire.

Rumours speak of a diminutive yet dynamic figure with a knack for melodious prose. Much like how Pablo Picasso ate Turkish delight while painting his masterpieces, and Sherlock Holmes made use of a well-stuffed meerschaum while unraveling mysteries, so too does Keets write fiction while nibbling lettuce.

It is said that Keets, in his (or her) work as an author, gives dictation instead of typing, since s/he is a facile talker. There are those who claim they've seen how the stories really get written—who claim that Ravel simply copies down whatever Keets dictates to him while Keets stands over (surely not on) his shoulder.

Whether or not these rumours are real...whether Keets is fact or fiction, friend or foe, fair or fowl, one thing's for sure: when it comes to storytelling, Keets is no featherweight.