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Some entrance fees come at too high a price…

Enter a Renaissance past that Edgar Allan Poe would enjoy, where Festival Time is in full swing. Horses dance, clowns climb City Hall, and wealthy collector Antonin Marzipan has plenty of traveling salesmen to pick from. Marzipan possesses a dominating personality and an art gallery to match. We join him as he takes art dealer Geordi Le Duc on a tour of his priceless works and eccentric curios that range from Egyptian coffins to dog armor to dinosaur skeletons.

The visit turns awkward when Le Duc unearths Marzipan’s secret underground stash of extra exhibits. But Marzipan quickly invites him to see what he’s been hiding there. Down those torch-lit stairs, Le Duc may find wonders even greater—and more dangerous—than anyone imagined.

Careful. This secret gallery’s price of admission could be too costly…

*  *  *

Categories: Suspense / Fantasy

Reading audience: General Audiences