Big Brother

Short Novel

Literary Drama / Psychological Suspense / Sci-Fi

Adults & Teens

Father doesn't know best—but Big Brother knows more than anyone.

From the collection Stories with a Scowl comes Big Brother, available for individual sale.

The dystopic, black comic spirit of Orwell and The Prisoner explodes into today's NSA-ified world in this suspenseful sci-fi drama.

The ambitious intelligence agent Miller underhandedly wins a promotion to a higher division. In his new office hidden under the streets of the city, he hopes he can rise even higher by secretly using the ace up the agency's sleeve, a mysterious power known as Big Brother.

But in Miller's new up-is-down world, rising high might mean sinking low. When rule from the shadows starts darkening the rule of law, justice gets hard to see, and so does the line between progress and regress. What Big Brother will reveal to Miller might be more dangerous than he expected.

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Categories: Literary Drama / Psychological Suspense / Sci-Fi

Reading audience: Adults and teens. (Moderate violence; mature drama.)

Length: Short Novel (45 pages).