Leo G. Carroll Fan Club

Short Novel

Comedy / Suspense

General Audiences

Leo G. Carroll Fan Club cover

If you join a fan club for Hitchcock's most frequent actor, expect surprises!

When we think of Alfred Hitchcock, we remember some of the most beloved movies ever, starring the most famous actors. We flash back to James Stewart fighting Vertigo, Ingrid Bergman going Spellbound, and Cary Grant figuring out what it takes To Catch a Thief.

But one of Hitchcock's most frequent actors wasn't a matinee idol. It was Leo G. Carroll, the Englishman whose dependable but low-key acting supported the stars in no less than six complete Hitchcock films, a record never surpassed. Still, no one would start a fan club in his honor…or would they?

In Strangers on a Train fashion, our narrator falls into the company of a fellow film fan who will change his life forever. A man who introduces him to the Leo G. Carroll Fan Club, the secretive shrine where Carroll cosplay counts as casual dress, and hippies and squares come together in mutual appreciation of the obscure Hitchcock actor.

When Hitchcock is the name, mystery and suspense are the game. It might prove the same for the name Leo G. Carroll. The club's comic doings are hard for our narrator to get used to, but more dangerous events may befall him and his new friends. International intrigue, the key to which may only lie with Carroll himself…

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Category: Comedy / Suspense

Reading audience: General.

Length: Short Novel (about 55 pages).