Stories with a Scowl

Story Collection

Psychological Suspense / Literary Drama

Adults & Mature Teens

Stories with a Scowl by Sam Summerlee & LeVar Ravel

Plots with a punch.

Villains with a vicious streak.

Writing with a roundhouse kick.

Stories with a Scowl.

Explore the sinister side of life in this collection of psychological suspense tales for older readers—four short novels and a short story.

Join characters both heroic and horrible as they face all sorts of deadly doings—unsolved knifings, dangerous gangs, dire domestic secrets, government conspiracies, and more—with thought-provoking drama to go with it.

Handle with care. These stories have a mind of their own, and they like to roam the most desolate forests and darkest corners of the world. Read this book and you’ll be biting your nails in suspense—if the book doesn’t bite you first…

If you like the intelligent thrillers of Graham Greene, Ruth Rendell, Barbara Vine, and Patricia Highsmith, check out Stories with a Scowl!

* * * * *

In Stories with a Scowl, you will read:

Rough Company

A quiet nerd falls into the company of four men who might have perpetrated a series of knifings.

Surprise Party

Events reveal more than just birthday cheer when a housewife hosts her husband’s lover at a surprise party.

Big Brother

Investigating a mysterious tragedy, a rising intelligence agent discovers the full extent of his agency’s dangerous power and philosophy.

Bird Blind

Spying on her new neighbors, a teenager grows fascinated by the boy in residence, who might have more problems in his life than she realizes.

Man's Worst Friend

Unimaginable evil is unleashed when a social worker discovers the truth behind her friend’s gentle-looking dog.

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Includes cover illustrations for all five stories!

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Categories: Psychological Suspense / Literary Drama

Reading Audience: Recommended for adults and mature teens (about 16 & up). (Strong but not graphic violence; prejudiced remarks and slurs; mild cursing; mature drama.)

Length: 369 pages (based on paperback edition)